Business Growth Tips

When you launched your business, you had big ideas about changing the world with your offerings. The journey of a business-owner is fraught with challenges. Do not let these bumps on your path dull your sparkle though. Here is a plan to reconnect with your dreams and turn them into a solid, flourishing business.

Get Support

No matter how innovative and spectacular your business idea may be, you need qualified guidance to help you plan and implement a business strategy. Whatever field you are in, a support network is invaluable. Consider one-on-one coaching or a strategy session.

Focus on Sales

I have seen it time and time again where an entrepreneur gets frozen by perfection and planning. Yes, it is important to have a great website, a deliberate process, and a concrete plan. However, do not let that stand in the way of making money by focusing on sales at the same time as you work on the other tasks. Your systems must run parallel to your sales strategy. You can upgrade your website, logo etc. as you progress – you just have to get started.

Measure Everything

As a business owner, you need to be obsessed with your numbers. Sales, expenses, leads, clicks, and conversions can all be measured and analysed to improve your profitability. Success is a numbers game.

Income and Expenses – knowing these figures will help you to tighten your belt, and also inspire you to generate more revenue. Track these daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. Use these numbers to be clear on what your break-even is.

Customer Acquisition Cost – to calculate how much it costs to get one new customer, divide all your sales and marketing costs by the number of new customers. Read more about that here.

Lifetime Value of the Customer – to calculate roughly how much money will an average client spend with you in their lifetime, multiply the average value of a sale by the number of recurring transactions by the average time a typical customer will stay with you.

Lead List Size - how many fresh leads are you adding to your funnel daily?

Coach Sonja Shear

Form a clear picture where you are and where you want be by measuring your numbers daily. I will support you to create the right strategies which will see those numbers skyrocket.

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