Effective decision making is a combination of logic and gut.

We gave you the meaty bits on how to decide if your business idea was profitable last week. (Click HERE if you missed it.) This week we are looking at combining logic and magic. Here is how to use your heart to help you decide if your business idea resonated with your values.

Create More Energy In Your Business

Success starts with an idea. The difference between top business owners and those that are not successful, is that the achievers are actually taking action on their ideas. It takes a willingness to go for it. A great exercise to create more ENERGY in your business is to:

1.     Make a list of all your great ideas.

2.     Rate your likelihood of translating that idea into business by thinking about all the things positive about it, picture the end result, just like an architect helps you visualise a building with all the perfect finishes. What does your gut tell you about the idea?

3.     Then ask yourself, “Is this an idea or passion I feel connected to?” Or one that my existing company and team can connect to? 

4.     Examine the sensations you feel as you are imagining yourself taking action on each one of these ideas. If you feel an excited, good nervousness, then this is something you will want to investigate further. On the flip side, if you feel trapped, breathless, nauseous when you are visualising this new idea, it is more than likely not an idea to pursue.

It Works When You Work It

Use this internal exercise to contemplate new ideas and make big decisions. By listening to your gut, you access powerful wisdom that you may have forgotten you possess. The trick is that you actually need to follow your gut, not run from it. 

To download a copy of my complimentary step-by-step worksheet "Yay or Nay to My Business Idea?", please click HERE.

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