Who knew there was such a day as “Go for Broke” Day? Well, there is and it occurs on April 5th this year. It is actually quite funny because it is the day when everybody has to let caution fly to the wind and take a chance of a lifetime! This is the day when you are supposed to completely ignore your business risk management skills – who has the courage for that? You have to do the opposite of what you have been taught to do all your life – throw all your eggs in one basket and hope for the best – can you imagine if people lived like that all the time? 

And as funny or as strange as it seems to you, there are people who do live like that. They are just totally disorganised and bumble along from month to month not knowing whether they are coming or going. These people need a business consultant to get them sorted out. Most people live a life that is organised 24/7 because we like to feel that we know what we are doing and that we have plans for the future. But Go for Broke day is the day to let it all go and literally do what you have always avoided doing, it goes against the grain doesn’t it? It is a very weird feeling to force yourself out of your comfort zone.

For some people it is important to step out of their boundaries or rut – whichever way you look at it – and see what awaits on the other side. . . . .and you have to remember that one day you may regret never going for the challenge. However, most people are in business to make money and unless you are the gambling type of have heaps of money, you are going the be very adept at managing risk in your business. If not, you have better contact a business coach to help you get your life on track. And here is some food for thought . . . . . ”It is better to regret the things you’ve done, than the things you haven’t.” *

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