While many people think that the two are synonymous, there is a difference between business coaching and executive coaching.

Business coaching is about gearing the business to deal with challenges due to macro and micro economics. It is focused on designing specific goals for to increase profitability, success and value. 

Business coaching helps organisations by analysing ways to increase productivity and profitability, maximise and optimise communication and interpersonal relationships within the corporation thereby decreasing employee turnover and improving the company’s ability to retain the employees it needs and wants. 

Executive coaching, on the other hand, deals with the individual. This is a specific type of coaching for which a need has been identified whereby people management are helped with the particular issues that affect them within their career and life as a whole. Executive coaching takes a holistic view of the individual and considers work-life balance an integral part of the success of an executive. It has a focus on the unique problems – both professional and personal – faced by senior managers.

We have all heard the saying “it’s tough at the top”. That is true. Top executives often feel isolated by their position and need someone to ‘bounce ideas off’. It is not always possible to trust other executives so a professional outsider is just the right sounding board and advisor. They can also battle to break through their perceived limitations and a coach is the right person to objectively help the exec through this. It’s about knocking down barriers – perceived or real – that impede the exec from reaching his true potential.

It is likely that your corporation needs both business and executive coaching to work hand-in-glove to get every aspect of the business and human capital working together toward optimisation. 

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