Are you, as a small business owner or entrepreneur, juggling everything from your calendar and client on-boarding, to your email management, to social media campaigns? Are you stressed and scrambling that you may drop a ball at any moment? Are these daily tasks taking up too much of your time, preventing you from focusing on what’s important?

Have You Considered Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

May 16 is International Virtual Assistant Day. The term “virtual assistant” was coined in 1996 when life coach Thomas Leonard helped Anastacia Brice name her decade-long profession. In 1997 Anastacia Brice founded the first organisation for Virtual Assistants.

Today is a very good opportunity to talk about the benefits of delegating the daily work that drains your energy to a VA.

Many business owners experience hesitation – from guilt at paying someone to do tasks you are capable of doing to fear of giving your credit card details to “a stranger”. But hiring a virtual assistant yields you better results in less time than if you were trying to do it all on your own by freeing you up to focus on what you do best.

Many business owners claim that hiring a virtual assistant was the best decision they ever made. Let us look at why that is:

1. Time

If time is money, (and it is), it is essential that you use yours wisely. You need to get out of the cycle of rushing from one item on your to-do list to the next in order to steer your business to success. Time needed for productive reflection and planning, and a valuable work-life balance can be freed up by delegating admin tasks, social media, inbox maintenance, etc to your VA.

2. Talent

If you are used to doing business face-to-face, it is quite an adjustment to interact virtually. But by eliminating the need for physical proximity, you are open to source world-class talent from anywhere in the world.

3. Perspective

When you hire a virtual assistant, you also employ a fresh set of eyes. It is easy to overlook inefficient process when you are used to them, but a VA will bring experience from others’ systems to improve and streamline yours.

4. Support

Many a business owner suffers from debilitating stress because of the pressure of carrying all the responsibility. With a VA on your books, you will have the opportunity to take time out to consult experts before making a big decision; and also to take time off to rest and/or recuperate when you are sick.

5. Accountability

As with real life assistants, you will never know exactly how much time the tasks actually take. The advantage of a VA is that you are not concerned with how long is spent at a desk, but rather the results achieved on your behalf.

Added to that, you are not responsible for the cost of leave, refreshments, and so on.

6. Growth

The time you gain from using a virtual assistant can be used to help you scale your business sustainably and quickly. With time for activities such as like joint-venture webinars, product collaborations, and speaking at conferences, you can develop more traffic, more clients, more revenue, more influence.

Other Modern Marvels

What other modern trends have you employed to improve the productivity in your business? Please let us know what they are, and what your thoughts on VAs are in the comments.

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