Set yourself a business challenge to overcome your entrepreneurial fears

June 3rd was Chimborazo Day. Long thought to be (not entirely incorrectly) the tallest mountain in the world, Ecuador’s Chimborazo, like Everest, became a destination spot for intrepid adventurers who would make the attempt to climb to its highest peak. It took the explorers of Chimborazo nearly 80 years to successfully reach its summit.

How to Celebrate Chimborazo Day?

Sometimes what qualifies as the biggest or tallest thing is dependent upon one’s perspective in life. While its elevation is less than that of Everest, it has the unique trait of being the highest point on Earth when measured from the Earth’s core. It bears a significant role in geographic history as being one of the two key points that were used to determine the actual shape of the Earth.

Why, go on out and set yourself a challenge in order to face your fears. Then ruthlessly conquer those fears.

Fear is your only competitor.

Top Ten Tips for Overcoming Fear

  1. Fear feeds on inaction, so do something. Anything!
  2. Fear also feeds on indecision. So make that decision. There is no need to be certain of the outcome before making a decision if it is leading to analysis paralysis.
  3. Fear feeds on the unknown. Conjure up the worst-case scenario, and decide what you would do if it did happen.
  4. Fear feeds on feelings of unworthiness, so ditch the imposter syndrome. Imagine the absolutely best outcome and how you would feel if that did happen.
  5. Fear feeds on feelings of impossibility. Rather than looking at the negatives, say “Anything is possible!”
  6. Fear feeds on negativity. Ban “I can’t” from your dialogue, and instead say “I can” and “Why not?”
  7. Fear feeds on lies. Look for the truth instead of hiding from the facts.
  8. Fear feeds on suffocation. Come up for air instead of holding your breath. (If you would like a complimentary download of some relaxing, grounding, breath work, please click HERE.)
  9. Fear feeds on perfectionism. Embrace mistakes instead of pretending that you do not make any.
  10. Fear feeds on waiting for the right time. Take one step today rather than waiting to run a whole Comrades tomorrow.


It is my time now, and I am ready for the next step now.

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