If you want to be a successful entrepreneur you need to form a few daily habits, which will drive your success.


1.  Create a routine


  • It is so easy to get distracted or to do things that really don’t need to be done, to “play it by ear”. The reality is although you may be in your own business you still need a routine to ensure you reach success.


2.  Eat that Bull Frog


  • Keep the mornings for your most important projects. One of the most natural things to do is to get distracted in doing things that are “nice” to do, leaving the critical and often tough stuff for the end of the day, the problem with this is that these things then often get pushed out all the time.


3.  Give tomorrow a head start


  • Plan your next day before you leave the office, create a to-do list and make sure you stick to it.


4.  Schedule time in your day to generate leads


  • Don’t make acquiring new leads and converting these leads into customers an ad-hoc activity, block off time in your schedule to focus on revenue growth. The biggest challenge smaller businesses have is not having sales leads in their pipeline, and this leads to periods of flood and drought, so even when you are busy, block off dedicated, revenue-generating time.


5.  Set targets for your business


  • Set revenue and growth targets for your business and track your progress against these. You would never get onto a plane without knowing where it was heading, so make sure you know where your business is heading on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.


6.  Create a solutions-based team


  • Even if you only have a small team, encourage them to work towards driving a solutions-based culture. Mentor them on how to solve problems, get their input on how to do things better and listen to their ideas. Don’t try to resolve all of the issues you may have in the business by yourself; this only will result in the company becoming more and more dependent on you in the future.


7.  Take time out - me time


  • Whether it's going to the gym, doing a hobby or meditating, you need to refresh you to ensure your mind has a rest from work. Spend time with your family and friends and switch off from work at the end of the day.


8.  Develop your mind


  • We are never too old or too smart to learn something new, so keep learning. There are so many great online courses you can sign up for, to improve yourself and your skills. If that’s not your scene, read, there is a wealth of knowledge and best practice sharing ideas out there, don’t let your ego get in the way, you don’t know everything.


9.  Network


  • Not only is this a great way to get referrals for your business, but networking also gives you the opportunity to meet new people, to understand other peoples challenges and to do something useful to help out another company.


10.  Give back


  • Whether it be offering services in your chosen vocation to a charity organisation or by contributing financially to a good cause give back? There are hundreds of charity organisations looking for support, organisations like Rotary International and The Lions Clubs. These are also great networking channels, remember givers gain!