Here are some tools which may help you to be more productive:

OmmWriter (Windows, Mac OS X, iPad), is a simple program that does an excellent job of creating a full screen, distraction-free writing app.

SelfControl (Mac OS X) is a free, open source app and Web blocker for people who are lacking in the willpower department.  The app is customisable and can be used to block access to email (incoming/outgoing servers), Websites, and apps that access the Web.  Windows users can download a similar program Cold Turkey(Windows) that works on the same principle.  And once started, there’s no disabling them, not even if toss your computer out the window

Focus Booster is a digital timer with a simple interface that keeps track of your pomodoros (time management method that breaks tasks into intervals separated by short breaks) and your breaks.  It doesn’t allow pausing, which basically forces you to stay on task and avoid distraction.

*These are recommendations only, and are not affiliated to Sonja Shear Coaching & Consulting.*

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