Hello there, and welcome back. 

Before I share with you my Coach selection checklist, it’s important that you ask yourself, “Do I really need a coach?”


That may seem counterintuitive coming from a coach, however, consider this:

Great coaches don't hand clients an easy reason to back out or give up.
Your coach must push you to achieve your best, keep you focused, and instill discipline. (hence the risky picture!)

And that may involve uncovering truths you’re not too keen to acknowledge.
It will definitely involve testing the limits of your endurance emotionally and physically.
If it were easy, you could just do it yourself.  So, ARE YOU READY? 

Okay, so you’re brave enough to work with a coach, here’s what to look for in a brave coach!

To Infinity and Affinity and Beyond!

For best coaching results, a close and harmonious relationship in which the parties involved understand each other’s ideas and communicate well.  Rapport is when you have a natural liking for and understanding of someone.  Compare two or three coaches and select the one who you connect with the most. Trust yourself to know what you need.

Determine how well the coach listens and understands. Did you feel judged or did you feel accepted?

Jimi Hendrix wasn’t Entirely Right When He Asked, “Are You Experienced?”

Because coaching is all about developing and using your personal skills, it actually works independently of the business or professional environment.  And because the basic tools and strategies for success transcend all types of businesses, experience in your field is not as important as you might think.  If you need more specific, hands-on guidance, a consultant is a better option – and that is where I am a winning combo, able to draw on both sides of the coin.

Draw on Your Inner Magnum PI

Investigate your options by asking your friends and family if they can recommend a good-fit coach for you.  Ask your prospective coach for referrals and what coaching training she has done.  Let her explain her methodology, her belief system, and her personal code of conduct.  Trustworthy coaches are willing to answer your questions directly and openly.

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