You can count on a solid ROI from business coaching when you select the right coach for you and your business, identify what a successful engagement looks like, and outline your plan of action.


To assist in your quest to identify the best fit for you, here are


you can use when interviewing coaches:


1.       What coach training and experience they have? If the coach tells you they’ve been coaching their entire life, beware. The profession of coaching has over 200 competencies and an in-depth body of knowledge. There are plenty of trained coaches available for you to choose from so there’s no need to hire a coach who merely hangs out his/her shingle and calls themselves a “coach”.

2.       What size business do you specialise in coaching? Different business sizes have different needs. You want to select a coach who understands the challenges and opportunities YOUR business faces.

3.       What industries have you coached? It’s good to get a sense of the depth and breadth of experience of a business coach. Frankly, I’d rather hire someone who works across a wide variety of industries than one who works within only one industry. It helps to take on a strategic business coach who doesn’t come equipped with their own blind spots.

4.       What do you do best? What someone does best is not the same as that in which they specialise. Listen carefully when you ask this question. The answer will reveal how well the business coach actually listens.

5.       What additional skills besides coaching do you bring into play? With the pure coaching model, the coach asks discovery questions to bring you some clarification. If that’s all you need, an additional skill set won’t be as important. However, depending on the type of support you want, you may prefer an individual who also has strong critical thinking or analytical skills so they can help scrutinize and strategize your business.

6.       What kind of measureable results have you helped your clients achieve? A smart business coach knows they are not completely responsible for the results achieved by their clients but they do play a role in pointing out opportunities and helping their clients think through the myriad of strategic decisions. The bottom line is that a good coach should be able to state the results achieved by a variety of their clients.


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