About Sonja Shear Coaching and Consulting 


Sonja Shear Coaching and Consulting started operating in 2014. The business was born out of Sonja passion for driving people to reach their full potential in their business and personal life. 


As a leadership expert and former executive, Sonja understands the importance of leading oneself as part of developing others. "It is about motivating and positively influencing others to reach success together".


Sonja focuses on C-Suit executive coaching, leadership coaching, leadership development coaching and Business coaching.        


Vision - My Why

Developing great leaders in business, who will motivate and encourage leadership development within themselves and their organisations.


To achieve this ensures Sonja motivates and develops her coachees/clients by providing open, honest feedback, driving them out of their comfort zones, pushing the boundaries.  By doing this she ensures leaders accomplish the teamwork, unrivalled commitment, passion and dedication that leads to success.



  • Honesty
  • Openness
  • Respect
  • Empowerment


As a leadership development specialist, I am focused on driving profitable business success and personal development in leaders and individuals within organisations. 

I understand that people run businesses and that there is an expectation that they deliver results. As a company, which offers a non-tangible product, I know and understand the importance of seeing a tangible outcome for your investment.  

By providing executive coaching, leadership development coaching, management coaching and business coaching, I will guide you in driving results.

During my coaching intervention we will covers a range of leadership development skills, from developing self-awareness, emotional intelligence, team and personal motivation skills and your ability to empower others. All aimed at you achieving better results for yourself, your teams and the bottom line. 

When working with me, you will be investing in your personal and business success.

I understand that it is not a one size fits all model and therefore offer personalised, customised programmes aimed at driving the change in you, your team and your business.