Leadership Development

What is leadership development as opposed to management development? Also, do leadership development programmes make a difference in business?  To answer this question, we need to understand the difference between a leader and a manager.  Both are necessary for an organisation to run smoothly. 

A good manager should have the ability to drive business towards achieving the goals and objectives that have been set out. They should have the ability to get teams to work into structures, be able to implement plans and follow processes. On the other hand, a leader needs to look towards the future and have the ability to define the vision, direction and future reality of their business. They should be focused on innovation, transformation, influencing, mobilising and empowering people in the organisation.

It is essential for organisations to build both leadership and management skills across the business. Through leadership assessments, one can gauge the development areas for leaders. The leadership development process requires commitment from the leaders to reflect on themselves as individuals, reflect on their engagement with others and to drive the changes in their development.

Leadership development is a long term development process which focuses on long terms change, which results in improved business success. 

There are many leadership development programmes available to choose from. All our programmes are focused on delivering tangible results for individuals as well as businesses.  

  • Executive leadership development programmes 
  • Business leadership development programmes 
  • Online leadership development programmes
  • 1- 3 Day Leadership development programmes linked with leadership development coaching

No matter what leadership development programme you select to invest in, it is essential to work with a leadership development coach. Your coach will support and push you to drive change in yourself as an individual, and then to apply your leadership skills in the business to drive change in those around you. 

Why should you work with us when looking for a leadership programme? 

We have developed our programmes with the assistance of leadership development experts in the field. We continuously update our content to ensure it is relevant to the ever-changing business marketplace. We understand that every business has different challenges as do individuals in leadership positions. 

We guarantee success and change in the individuals who work with us. All our programmes are focused on ensuring an improvement in business results. Our team has extensive experience in leadership roles, and we can impart knowledge and expertise rather than just offering textbook solutions. We understand that Leadership development programmes are a crucial part of the long-term success of every organisation. 

 Why should you sign up for our leadership development programme?

  • To improve the culture of your organisation
  • To grow your bottom-line
  • To improve how your organisation handles change in the 4th industrial revolution
  • To create an inspired, motivated team
  • To attract and retain talent in the organisation
  • To develop the emotional intelligence of your overall business.