What is Emotional Intelligence

Leaders and Business owners are often faced with challenges in the behaviour of their teams, in particular with people who seem to be highly emotional or irrational in the business environment. 

Developing ones emotional intelligence will drive business and personal success. Emotional intelligence enables you to recognise and monitor your own emotions and the emotions of others. It gives you the ability to distinguish between different types of emotional and to understand how to engage with others based on an individual's emotional state. You learn how to use your understanding of emotions to guide your thinking and your behaviour.

Leaders and teams who have high emotional intelligence, understand who they are and tend to be better at communicating and engaging with others and usually perform better in the workplace and make stronger leaders.

By developing emotional intelligence, you will be able to recognise, understand and manage the impact of emotions on your behaviour. Developing your emotional intelligence is a skill you will need to learn and improve on an ongoing basis. It is not something you will use at whim, but rather something that you will need to apply to all areas of your life to get the best out of yourself and out of others.

Who should develop their emotional intelligence?

We all should, and as a leader, it will be the most valuable investment of your time and resources for both yourself and your team.  If we all had a higher level of emotional intelligence, the workplace would be a much better place. 

What areas of business need emotional Intelligence?

Leader, managers, sales teams, marketing teams, customer service teams or any area of a business that involves working with people and developing relationships, would benefit from developing their emotional intelligence. 

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